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How to research topics that get views on Youtube

Youtube creators come in all kinds and sizes.

To earn a decent income with YouTube, you must be able to get subscribers and viewers to your YouTube Channel and videos. However, most people cannot think of good YouTube video ideas that can grab the attention of people

Are you struggling to get views on your YouTube videos? If so, you’re not alone. With growing competition, it can be difficult to attract an audience to your channel. So what can you do to earn more views and grow your channel?

One simple tip is to use YouTube’s autocomplete feature to research popular topics that people are searching for. By creating videos based on these topics, you can tap into the demand for information and get more views.

But before you start creating videos, it’s also important to research the competition and evaluate the search intent for your chosen topics. This will help you determine whether a topic is worth your time and effort, and whether it has the potential to earn a decent number of views. B

y following these tips, you can create videos that will attract an audience and help you grow your YouTube channel.

YouTube's content guidelines.
YouTube’s content guidelines

The process of research

Creating videos can be a challenging task for businesses and individuals who struggle with the idea of showing themselves on camera or feeling awkward on camera. One way to overcome this challenge is to create faceless videos that tell interesting stories without showing the person on camera.

If you’re unsure about what kind of content is allowed on YouTube, you can check out the platform’s content guidelines for more information. These guidelines can provide a quick reference on what you can and can’t do when it comes to reusing content on YouTube. By following these Youtube content guidelines, you can create engaging and compelling videos that will attract an audience and help you grow your channel.

To create videos that will rank well on YouTube and Google, it’s important to identify popular search terms and topics that people are interested in. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner and Vid IQ‘s keyword inspector to discover new keywords and search terms that are relevant to your content. These tools can help you identify popular topics and search terms so you can create videos that will attract a lot of search traffic.

One tip from Vid IQ below is to not worry about being seen as an expert on a topic. Instead, focus on creating engaging and informative videos that will attract an audience and help you grow your channel.

By following this advice and using tools like Google Keyword Planner and Vid IQ’s keyword inspector, you can create videos that will rank well on YouTube and Google and help you grow your channel.

You don’t need to be an expert to make videos about certain topics.
You don’t need to be an expert to make videos about certain topics, according to VidIQ.

Solve a problem, a pain point or entertain

One effective way to come up with ideas for YouTube videos is to focus on solving problems and addressing pain points for your audience. This can help your videos stand out and provide value to your audience.

To get started, try searching on YouTube for keywords and topics that are relevant to your audience. This will give you an idea of what people are interested in and what they are searching for on the platform.

You can also use YouTube’s autocomplete feature to see what additional keywords and search terms are being suggested. This can help you narrow down your topic and come up with relevant and engaging video ideas.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep a list of potential video ideas in a Google Doc or similar document. This will help you capture your ideas as they come to you and ensure that you don’t forget any good ideas.

By using YouTube as a tool to help you generate ideas, you can create engaging and valuable videos that will help you grow your channel.

Youtube creators are of all kinds.
Youtube creators are of all kinds.

How I research in practice

Let’s say I was doing videos about Destiny – and I’m gonna do a video about what people want to know about Destiny. This is because there’s a lot about this game you know about. You’re doing the fans a favor.

First thing is if you just type destiny into YouTube and then click Next you’ll come up with a load of suggestions about what YouTube thinks you might want to be looking for which is by the way what many people ARE looking for.

But one of the things you can really do is is ask a general questions using the W type questions now what I do is I’ve actually got a list of these so that I remember what they are so we’re talking about how, what, where, which, who, and why does all these questions would be how to do this in destiny.

So let’s start off with some ideas. So Destiny – so now we’ve immediately got a load of video titles: “how to level up fast, how to get exotics, how to get the sleeper simulant” 

I have no idea what that means. “How to get thorn, how to get Jotun, how to get bad juju”, you could expand that and put how do I. How do I reset my valor rank, how do I start forsaken, how do I get to the wanted first, how do I open up the chalice, and your video title would literally be something like how do I reset my valor rank and maybe beginner’s guide or you can always put in parenthesis, PlayStation 4 or Xbox or cult console or PC that sort of thing. 


Then we get, what class to play, what to do after the campaign, what we fight for, what’s new, what are the lost sectors, you know you’re using YouTube’s autocomplete option to come up with all these really good ideas that you might not have thought of that are based on what people are actually looking for and want to find out about now. 

I’m not saying this should replace your imagination and your ability to go oh I wonder how you do that because if you come up with a question or you get asked the question then in your comments.

How do I do this you should do a video about that thing because people want to know if it’s that old adage you know if one person’s thinking you know if one person’s asking that question there’s probably 10 people or hundred people or a thousand people thinking that same question as well but haven’t got around to writing it. 

I see how to farm Imperials, how to farm exotics, how far can I get without the DLC, it’s so much good stuff and we’ve got to do what we have to. 

Now lots of the videos you can knock out in a couple of minutes as well. That’s the beauty of them and make sure that when you do make the videos prompted by these auto clippings do make them quick, people really appreciate that you know if they’re asking the question when to start infusing you know. 

Although I concentrate on YouTube here you could use the autocomplete options from Google itself and you could go to Bing or any of the search engines anywhere that has an autocomplete option they base those autocomplete suggestions on what people actually are looking for and so it’s very very powerful for content creators to come up with videos that are really relevant to the information that people are trying to find.

Four interesting approaches to youtube topic research

Watch below four different approaches to YouTube topic research. These are rather successful YouTubers that are showing one of their approaches for videos that will get views.

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